Posted on Sun 26 May 2013

Learning Japanese

I've been studying Japanese for a few weeks, but so far it was only Hiraganacache and Katakanacache. Basically Japanese syllabary.

That's the easy part though, actually learning Kanjicache (the main part of the Japanese writing system) and of course the vocabulary is the hard part. Now I've evaluated quite a few services, but I'm still not sure which one too use.

  • for learning Hiragana and Katakana, I used memrisecache. It's basically a fancy flashcard system for spaced repetition, with the advantage that a lot of courses have already been created and filled with memes. Sadly, it doesn't really work all that well for learning grammar, so I think I'll mostly use it to practice vocabulary (for Spanish and English too).

  • iKnow!cache seems better suited as a primary learning tool - their flashcards also include example sentences, audio, etc. - but there's still no proper grammar

  • TextFugucache is the latest one I discovered. It seems to be kind of any online textbook, it's actually the reason why I'm posting this - one of the first steps is to create a learning log.

  • Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanesecache seems to be quite good for learning grammar, but in turns lacks vocabulary. I'll probably mostly use this as a reference guide.

And there you have it, my current knowledge about learning Japanese. I'll post again once I've actually settled on one or more tools, should be interesting.

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