Updated on Sun 05 July 2020


I'm a Software Engineer from Austria, now living in London. I have a passion for coding and love to experiment with things. While I work for DeepMind / Google, the opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own and do not reflect company policy in any way. For an overview of my career, you might want to have a quick glance at my CV (made with LaTeX!). Most of my recent work is only available within Google, but see publications for what is public.

These days, I mostly write C++ and Python with a sprinkling of TypeScript for work, with a very long tail of other languages. Over time I ended up with readability in 6.

For my personal projects, I prefer Rust over C++, but Python and TypeScript are just as handy as at work.

As for the languages I speak, check out my post on language learning.

I recently discovered [cached]Wordle, which creates really neat looking word clouds. Sadly, there's no way to automate it, so here's a slightly less pretty one made with [cached]jQClound for my blog. I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but I'm going to do some more analysis when I have time.


Email me at mail@furidamu.org (personal) or swj@google.com (work).

If you want to send me information securely, you can contact me through [cached]Keybase or Signal (if you already know my phone number).

I upload some projects built in my spare time to Github.

If you are a recruiter, before sending me details about your latest company consider that currently I'm a Senior Staff SWE at DeepMind / Google.


I've decided to visualize my journeys, both to keep track track of which countries I've been to and to spur me on to visit more places I haven't yet seen.

So far, I've visited X countries on X continents:

Made with [cached]jVectorMap.

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