Posted on Sat 05 July 2014

Motivation Hacking

After [cached]Anna recommended that I read [cached]The Motivation Hacker, I went down the rabbit hole. I had already discovered [cached]Beeminder the day before, and now I was truly motivated to set myself up with some goals.

You can see them on my public [cached]goal page, but for now they are primarily about keeping up my language studies, spending a bit more time on piano and making sure I go for a run regularly. I'm not sure if I actually care about the money betting features, but just seeing the steady line of past effort is quite interesting and motivating. Maybe I should also add a goal about writing a blog post at least once a week? ... I've now set up a goal for 2 posts per month, with [cached]automatic tracking using IFTTT.

I've also started to use [cached]RescueTime on all my devices, though I'm not yet sure how useful it is. For the time being I've only set it up for tracking, no goals based on it. I guess I can use it to figure out how much time I actually spend on studying Japanese on WaniKani, or reading HackerNews every day.

Tags: life, rationality, learning

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