Posted on Sun 05 October 2014

I Travel

I travel to explore the world, I travel for the thrill of the unknown, to broaden my mind, to taste the unexpected, to learn and keep growing. I travel for chance encounters and randomly meeting again halfway across the globe. I travel because it's the easiest way to multpily my (remembered) life span. I travel to break the daily routine, to upset hardened molds, to escape boredom, to make new friends and meet old ones again.

I travel not to feel alone, to meet new people and fall in love for a brief romance, to share moments and explore together, to forge bonds like only crazy adventures can.

I travel to be alone, to escape people and be thousands of miles from anyone who knows me, lost in the unknown with myself and my thoughs; no one who speaks my language, no one who looks like I do.

I travel.

Tags: traveling, life

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