Posted on Sat 09 January 2016

Tidy your Life

I just finished Marie Kondo's [cached]The Life-changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever, but even before I was halfway through I couldn't stop myself from reorganizing half my room and finally disposing of many clothes I hadn't even looked at in two years.

I had always considered that I could just let things sit at the back of a shelf until the next time I moved flat and then I'd finally get rid of them, but while tidying yesterday I realized that I actually had many nice clothes I'd wanted to wear that I simply had forgotten about because they were obscured by all the obsolete ones.

Think of it in terms of software engineering: you want to refactor old code and clean up your codebase, otherwise you accumulate lots of technical debt. It's similar in your house/flat - if everything is flowing over with things that you never use anyway, you get less joy out of the things that you do like.

Definitiely go read this book - it's quite thin anyway -, it will definitely transform your rooms.

Tags: books, life

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