Posted on Sun 10 January 2016

A Book of Life

Inspired by Kaue's [cached]book about life, I've decided to collect my experiences and the various lessons I've learned in one place and write down generally applicable advice.

Without further ado, the Book of Life.

Why post it on this blog instead of using Google Docs or something similar?

  • Full control of the platform. This is intended to be around as long as I'm alive.
  • No problems with link rot. Thanks to the Pelican plugin I built, a copy of every page I link to is automatically saved to my blog so it can be viewed when the original is not available anymore.
  • Indexed by Google Search. As this is also a collection of notes I might want to refer to in the future, having it easily searchable is great. (Yes, Docs has search, but not as powerful as normal web search).

There is the downside that it's harder to comment on specific sections of the text, but I might build a slightly advanced version of [cached]inlineDisqussions that uses a fuzzy hash of the paragraph to attach comments so adding / editing content won't break old comments.

Tags: misc

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