Posted on Tue 22 March 2016


Reddit, Hacker News, Tumblr, Twitter, Imgur, Netflix, YouTube. The onslaught of pseudo information and conversation is relentless, it's easy to get lost in the comments. Feeling as if you are learning a something new all the time, a little gem in every post.

Somewhere along the way our natural curiosity and joy of learning has been hijacked and we waste away our lives reading and responding to useless chatter that seems useful and educating.

Every spare moment is filled by a quick glance to our smartphones, no time for thought and introspection left at all. Yes, that one post was very entertaining and spending half an hour reading all the comments sure felt interesting, but at the end of the day, what did you actually learn, what will you remember of it tomorrow?

Maybe waiting for five minutes on the tube with nothing to do but let your thoughts run wild ain't so bad.

Tags: life, philosophy

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