Posted on Mon 21 May 2018

Cooking Recommendation: Serious Eats

If you like cooking (or eating), I recommend [cached]Serious Eats. They have many great recipes that are easy to follow as well as delicious - for most of the new dishes I've tried recently, I've followed recipes from Serious Eats.

Two of my favorite dishes for a lazy day are [cached]Gyudon, a simple rice bowl heaped with beef and onion simmered in a mix of soy sauce, sake and dashi:


And [cached]Salmon Teriyaki, another rice bowl with seared salmon on top of a bed of cucumber and avocado:

Salmon Teriyaki

Both are easy to make and absolutely delicious.

Despite the name, Serious Eats doesn't solely focus on food, they also have recipes for drinks, like these [cached]Margaritas:


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