Posted on Mon 18 February 2019

Reading July - September 2018


Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson. Great book covering low level details of computer architecture, from instructions sets, memory architectures to custom machine learning accelerators. I definitely recommend this for anyone with an interest in computing or software engineering.

The Age of Comfort, Joan DeJean. Interesting content, but way to verbose and repetitive. Stopped reading half way through.

Hight Output Management, Andrew S. Grove.

Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker. This book got me to take my sleep cycle a whole lot more seriously, there's hardly a night now that I sleep less than eight hours.

Capitalism without Capital, Haskell and Westlake. Interesting perspective on modern technology companies, but feels like it could have been a bit more concise.

Never split the difference, Chris Voss. Fascinating book on negotiating and how to approach it. Can't wait to try the advice, which seems much more broadly applicable as well. Example: As open ended How or What question to make the other person feel like they are in charge while they reveal important information to you.


DARTS: Differentiable Architecture Search great way of searching neural network architectures really efficiently, and also applicably to a any other problem where you want to optimize or create an expression!

Evolving simple programs for playing Atari games. Quite fun to see how much a very small evolved program can do in many games.

The Push3 Execution Stack and the Evolution of Control

Improved Regularization of Convolutional Neural Networks with Cutout

Fast Algorithms for Convolutional Neural Networks

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