Posted on Tue 30 June 2020

Taking Notes

Recently, I was once again looking for a note taking solution. Over time, I had used many: Evernote, a markdown based one I wrote myself, Joplin. For one reason or another, I had stopped using each of them in turn.

My requirements were simple:

  • Linux and Android support
  • Markdown first, with syntax highlighting
  • Automatic synchronization of all my devices
  • Plaintext backup to simple files, for easy migration
  • Copy & paste to insert images
  • Full-text search.

And the most important: Does it spark joy?

The best note-taking solution is of no use if you don't consistently use it. After trying many alternatives, I finally found one that really stood out from the rest.

[cached]Inkdrop is a beautiful note taking app by [cached]Takuya Matsuyama. It fits all my requirements and is a joy to use. It's best part though is something I hadn't even considered: it's plugin system.

Plugins turned out to be extremely useful - from modifying an existing plugin to import my notes from previous systems, to the various plugins I use now, they make it easy and fun to hack on Inkdrop.

Currently, I use

Interested? There's both a demo and a free 60-day trial. If you want, you can also use my referral link to get $2.5 in credit - see Takuya's post on [cached]why he runs a referral program instead of spending on ads.

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