Posted on Sat 05 July 2014

Halfway There

Just recently, I passed an important milestone for my Japanese: 1000 Kanji learned. That's half the way to the official 2000 you supposedly need to read everyday newspapers, as well as other normal texts.

And indeed I have started to read Manga, Naruto and Death Note for now. It is still quite difficult to read, often I don't know what a sentence is supposed to mean, but luckily English translations are readily available on the Internet (I mostly use mangafox).

I've also built some [cached]dynamic grammar flashcards for Anki, though I have yet to use them. Oh the akrasia. I also bought a copy of Tae Kim's [cached]excellent grammar guide, in fact that's what I used for creating the aforementioned flash cards.

On the side I've started to use Duolingo for both Spanish and French, to improve my grammar in the former and start learning the latter. I'm curious how effective it will turn out to be.

Tags: languages, learning, japanese

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