Posted on Sat 23 August 2014


Walking just forces me to think, requires me to take from all the reading and practicing I normally keep myself busy with. When I'm walking down the street there's no paper on Deep Learning I can read, no Feyman Lectures I can study, no Kanji I can practice, just me and my thoughts.

The same is not true for running, there the exercise and exertions distracts me, my competitive drive propels me to run as fast as I can, leaving no energy for idle thoughts. It's only in these slow walks - which ironically I used to regard as wasted time - that I actually find the time to reflect on myself and my life.

I [cached]recommendations of walking before, never quite believed them, but now I think I'll start talking (solitary!) walks more often. Maybe home from work every day, maybe just on the weekend.

Tags: life, philosophy

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