Posted on Tue 26 November 2019

Fixing stuck login screen for Ubuntu 19.10 and i3

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10, I've had the issue that Ubuntu would just get stuck before or after the login screen.

After some searching I found the recommendation to remove quiet splash from the grub options, and indeed that fixes the issue for me!

Specifically, at the stuck login screen, change to a terminal by pressing e.g. ctrl+alt+f4, login, then run sudo nano /etc/default/grub to edit the configuration for grub (the bootloader). Find the line that says


and change it to


save the file, then run sudo update-grub to apply the changes. Reboot (by running reboot or pressing ctrl+alt+delete), then you should be able to login again.

You may have to repeat this after some system updates (even though they are supposed to prompt you before overwriting your config).

Tags: misc

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