Posted on Sun 26 May 2013

Learning Japanese

I've been studying Japanese for a few weeks, but so far it was only [cached]Hiragana and [cached]Katakana. Basically Japanese syllabary.

That's the easy part though, actually learning [cached]Kanji (the main part of the Japanese writing system) and of course the vocabulary is the hard part. Now I've evaluated quite a few services, but I'm still not sure which one too use.

  • for learning Hiragana and Katakana, I used [cached]memrise. It's basically a fancy flashcard system for spaced repetition, with the advantage that a lot of courses have already been created and filled with memes. Sadly, it doesn't really work all that well for learning grammar, so I think I'll mostly use it to practice vocabulary (for Spanish and English too).

  • [cached]iKnow! seems better suited as a primary learning tool - their flashcards also include example sentences, audio, etc. - but there's still no proper grammar

  • [cached]TextFugu is the latest one I discovered. It seems to be kind of any online textbook, it's actually the reason why I'm posting this - one of the first steps is to create a learning log.

  • [cached]Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese seems to be quite good for learning grammar, but in turns lacks vocabulary. I'll probably mostly use this as a reference guide.

And there you have it, my current knowledge about learning Japanese. I'll post again once I've actually settled on one or more tools, should be interesting.

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